Pilates in SoBe

An Exclusive “Boutique Studio” offering the Best Pilates Reformers and Ultimate Conditioning Classes in Miami Beach

Fitness is all about making the right choices and finding the right balance.
“SoBe Fit Body” is a beautiful, modern “Boutique” studio offering a great selection of various styles of Pilates and Ultimate Conditioning on the reformers.
Our studio offers an intimate and inspiring space, holding only a limited number of people per class allowing everyone to get personal attention as needed.
Get on track to meet your fitness goals. Visit “SoBe Fit Body” today, and experience the quality workout and convenience we have to offer.

Additional Information:
The studio opens 10 minutes before each class.
The door is locked once the class starts in order to not disrupt the class and the instructor.
No drop-ins, prior online registration is required in order to attend the class.
No one is allowed in the class late and the “Late Cancellation “ policy will apply.
For any questions about the rates or the classes you can email us at info@sobefitbody.com and we’ll answer within 24 hours.