Pilates in Miami beach

About Marilyne,

Marilyne enjoyed an active childhood growing up in in Paris, participating in various activities such as golf, biking, horseback riding and rollerblading. At the age of 18, she discovered Yoga; she was immediately hooked and loved the results it brings.

Marilyne studied in Paris with Sri Mahesh, the founder of the Fédération Française de Hatha Yoga. Eventually, she continued her education in India, spending a year in various ashrams in Rishikesh and Dharamsala, studying Yoga while learning about Hinduism and Buddhism as well. By her late 20s, she was teaching Yoga in Paris and looking for her dream space to open a studio.

A motorcycle accident and the broken ankle that came with it put her Yoga teaching career on hold. (Scroll down to read more.)

Over the years, Marilyne continued to study self-improvement and holistic education. She trained with Gerald F. Kein, the founder of the Omni Hypnosis Center to become a certified hypnotherapist, discovered energy work and became a Reiki Master, and studied “The Reconnection” with founder Dr Eric Pearl.

In 2003, she moved to the US. While living in New York City, she looked for low-impact fitness activities that would fit in with her physical limitations. She discovered Pilates Reformer group classes. These no-impact routines allowed her to get the challenging workout she wanted while still being conscious of her limits.

When Marilyne arrived in South Beach, she looked for these same kinds of low-impact, super-challenging fitness techniques that she enjoyed so much while living in New York. She tried group glasses in the big gyms, but decided that something was still missing.

So, she created an exclusive space for the first Boutique fitness studio in South Beach. At “SoBe Fit Body”, students can find all of the best low-impact Pilates and body sculpting classes that Marilyne liked so much as a student. The Miami Beach studio offers the choice various Pilates Reformer and Ultimate Conditioning Group classes in one convenient and welcoming location.